Which Alarm System Suits You Best

Ever wonder which Alarm System will actually best suit you and your budget?

At The Alarm Service, we offer several options and extras, all at a good reasonable price, but with the best quality gear.
We can provide a consultation to run thru the options for you, discuss where motion sensors would be best, and explain how it all works.

Whether it’s your house or your business, we’ll work out the best possible solution for you.

This may sound like a bit of a cliche, but we really do take the extra time to make sure your installation is professional & tidy. Cables not visible, sensors and keypads mounted straight, things like that which we know from experience some installers don’t worry about.

Check out the pictures below to get an idea of how neat our control unit wiring is.   It gives an idea of how fussy we are with our work.

MICRON control units come in 4, 6, and 8 zone options (Z4120, Z6020, and Z8020), and these NZ made panels are what we mostly use for residential installs.
They have several different Keypad options, to suit any house.  These are good reliable, but well priced locally designed and made systems.

MICRON have all the latest SMT production gear, and their panels have a big share of the NZ alarm market, for good reason.


DSC Control Units can expand up from 8 zones right up to a big 64 zones, or even more if needed.
These are the panels we generally use for commercial, and definitely for industrial installations.
They can also have wireless zones added, for sensors in positions it’s impossible to get cables to.

DSC is top notch Canadian made gear with all the bells and whistles available as options.
These guys are THE international market leaders and have even just released a touch screen keypad!