Alarm monitoring or not?

If your alarm does activate, what will happen?

The sirens will activate, sure. And any burglar clueless enough to burgle an alarmed house will get out of there in a big hurry.

But what if he notices that nobody did anything anyway? What if busy neighbours didn’t respond, or no security guards turned up.

This is why we strongly recommend you have your alarm monitored by a 24hr manned monitoring station.

For a dollar a day ($30 + GST per month) we can make sure that your alarm will always be responded to.

We will ring thru your prioritised list of mobile and/or work numbers, your family, friends or neighbours numbers until we reach someone to go check it out, or we can dispatch a security guard to do it for you. We’ll tailor the response to whatever you want.

Sometimes if older alarms haven’t been serviced they can false-alarm and can do it repeatedly. This will drive your neighbours crazy and reduce the likelihood they’ll ever bother looking if the house actually was broken into. With monitoring, we can let you know immediately so you can get the problem sorted. We’ll be able to tell you exactly which sensor has activated too, which narrows down the problem and saves you money.

As long as you have a landline, we can hook your MICRON or DSCalarm up to dial out.

Even without a landline there are options for IP monitoring using your broadband router, or for particularly high security installations, monitoring via a GSM cellular backup unit.

Whatever your security situation, your alarm is far more effective if it’s monitored. Call us to enquire further.